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oben The material characteristics

LUX ELEMENTS®- FOAM - Expanded polystyrene hard foam (407 KB, Status: 05/2013)

obenThe universal construction panel

LUX ELEMENTS®- ELEMENT-EL (411 KB, Status: 01/2012)

LUX ELEMENTS®- ELEMENT-SL/SQ 30, 50, 80 (134 KB, Status: 06/2006)

LUX ELEMENTS®- ELEMENT-VK (411 KB, Status: 01/2012)

obenShower units

LUX ELEMENTS®- TUB (2,5 MB, Status: 11/2015)

LUX ELEMENTS®- TUB -TSM (53 KB, Status: 01/2009)

LUX ELEMENTS®- TUB-BOL (2,5 MB, Status: 11/2015)

LUX ELEMENTS®- TUB-H (2,2 MB, Status: 11/2015)

LUX ELEMENTS®- TUB-LINE (2,4 MB, Status: 11/2015)

LUX ELEMENTS®- TUB-LINE BOL (2,4 MB, Status: 11/2015)

LUX ELEMENTS®- TUB-LINE H (2,3 MB, Status: 11/2015)

obenThe modular system for hot air areas

LUX ELEMENTS®- MODUL-DOOR-TZ F/B (992 KB, Status: 06/2013)

obenSystem components: Adhesives

LUX ELEMENTS®- COL-AK - Fixing adhesive (47 KB, Status: 07/2010)

LUX ELEMENTS®- COL-FLEX - Flexible cement powder adhesive (53 KB, Status: 07/2010)

LUX ELEMENTS®- COL-HSV - Solvent-free synthetic resin dispersion (56 KB, Status: 12/2009)

LUX ELEMENTS®- COL-MK - Mounting adhesive (38 KB, Status: 08/2010)

obenSystem components: Fastening sets and dowels

LUX ELEMENTS®- FIX-SB 45S35 - Fastening sets with screw and washer (37 KB, Status: 02/2013)

LUX ELEMENTS®- FIX-SD - Screw plug (84 KB, Status: 01/2013)

obenSealing filler and sealing tapes

LUX ELEMENTS®- DRY (39 KB, Status: 02/2007)

LUX ELEMENTS®- DRY-ASK - Sealing filler (416 KB, Status: 03/2012)

LUX ELEMENTS®- DRY-DBDZM (50 KB, Status: 06/2008)

LUX ELEMENTS®- DRY-DBV (54 KB, Status: 06/2008)


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