LUX ELEMENTS®- CONCEPT - Customized and special constructions

Individual concepts and prefabricated elements

There is no other building material available as suitable for turning creative ideas into reality as the LUX ELEMENTS® hard foam support element. This material’s exceptional product properties and easy machinability, in conjunction with our expertise and technical production capabilities have made it easy to achieve things, which were previously too difficult to do, or even not possible at all.

We will be glad to put your planning into practice using DXF data. Please observe these rules.

When it comes to carrying out the work later on, it is of great benefit that we can carry out all the stages of production on our premises, from the production of foam and cutting work to layering and any further processing. This not only provides scope for flexibility, but also guarantees quality.

See for yourself, how the following design for a Kneipp roundel was realised in practice!

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