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The LAVADO-FLOAT models are panels made of hard foam support material, which can be individually tiled. Two stainless steel brackets ensure stable suspension. The washstands can be shortened at the sides, which enables them to be adapted to smaller bathrooms. The construction of a row of washstands is also possible by means of arranging and gluing together several washstands.

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The installation

The installation of LAVADO-FLOAT is possible not only on masonry but also on stud frames – quickly, easily and reliably. Conventional stem valves e.g. Viega Visign V1 are suitable for the drain connection.

LAVADO-FLOAT – The system components

The stainless steel brackets 2 Pieces – 550 mm long

Mounting adhesive 1 cartouche COL-MK

The washstand e. g.

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LUX ELEMENTS LAVADO®- FLOAT - Technology & Design

Individual, special manufacture


LUX ELEMENTS manufactures individual customised and special products for the LAVADO product group. These include dimensions, thicknesses, shapes etc. that deviate from the standard program.

Produkt- og emballagedatoer



The proven and tested system components are fully matched to the processing of the hard foam support elements. The specially developed accessories ensure trouble-free working and high processing reliability.


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